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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Celebrities Need Their Faces Fixed

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Celebrities Need TheirFaces Fixed
Humans are the real-life robots needing the fixes, medications, and cures to heal and reform in order to reach satisfaction or highest efficiency in living life to its fullest. Unlike robots, humans don't need the batteries or the spanners to turn on the motor. To fix, reform, or change the specific parts in order to perform and continue living with comfort and confidence, people go for a special process, plastic surgery. Although there are as well other methods to enhance beauty and raise the level of both confidence and the essential amenity, plastic surgery seems to be the current trend among individuals seeking for perfection. Unlike the make-up coverings and items that will help shape things up and keep things looking great, plastic surgery is a magical medical specialty that will change one's life forever. As it is a cosmetic surgery done to change, reform, replace, or add, people would no longer rely greatly on applying excessive make-up or hide their faces behind their hats.
The Pros and The Cons of Plastic Surgery: PlasticSurgery Gone Wrong
Without gravity pulling the planets into its orbits, there would be no balance and earth would have not existed. Same applies to people and plastic surgery as there are always two sides and different possibilities of happenings in every way. Despite plastic surgery'sscientifically tested processes, there is no 100% guarantee upon the results of a specific surgery or cases. However, as addiction seeps into the pores of hunger and desire, people often got swayed by the positive results and successful reviews as well as the before and after pictures.
The pros of having plastic surgery, of course, is to finally become someone you want to be. Without a rely on make-up, tools, and other inconvenient methods, people can become beautiful within a few months orweeks after surgical processes. Not only plastic surgery helps individuals to gain confidence and believe in themselves, the process brings a new life to the patients.

The cons of plastic surgery isn't only circling around the issues regarding the costs and the overly-high fees. The main problem is the results of each surgical process. There are best cases of plastic surgery with amazing results, but on the other hand, there are as well handful of plastic surgery gone wrong. Famous people like Justin, the human doll, is known to have had a total of 132 plastic surgeries done. Almost the entire body of his undergo drastic changes and a few fixes to look exactly likea Ken doll. Alicia UniboobPlastic Surgery Gone Wrong  Celebrities Need Their Faces Fixed , is yet another famous woman known for her crazy uniboob as a result of the 'gone wrong' plastic surgery, specifically breast implants after giving birth to a child. As there are both the benefits and the disadvantages of plastic surgery, resulting in topics like 'plastic surgery gone wrong' or 'disastrous plastic surgery', it is crucial to think twice before making a definite decision upon going through the pain. 

Better To or Better Not Plastic Surgery Disasters

Better To or Better Not: Plastic Surgery Disasters
It isn't always the case where plastic surgery changes the lives of the people like a miracle or a dream come true. As there is always a probability for a change or a mistake to occur, errors may as well occur among patients who are under plastic surgical processes. Although people are striving to have the 'perfect' ideal looks and change themselves physically for the better, will it really be okay to go for a plastic surgery? Or will it be a little safer to do some research beforehand? It is indeed hard to control the desire and the wish for good appearance. However, it is crucial to process the thoughts slowly step by step and decide upon the best choice to select.
Do Some Research
It is very convenient for everyone to use thecomputer, smart phone, or a tablet to look up information. It is always better to do some research before deciding on anything to be done beforehand in order to prevent self-damage and the overwhelming thoughts of regret. If perhaps, a specific part needs to be done, it is essential to look up about that part and see some sample plastic surgery outcomes before making a final decision. Note that most pictures in the internet are mostly photoshopped to enhance thebusiness and advertisement processes.
In other words, it is better to accept that a coin generally has two sides. If a coin is flipped, the probability of getting a head is 1/2 and a probability of getting a tail is just as similar. Which literally means that it is important for individuals to first know that once a decision is made, they will need the acceptance of an outcome or a result. 
As the latter has explained, there are always two sides in every little thing. Without either sides, there will be no balance between objects, ideas, and thoughts. Plastic surgery has proved the world the miracle of knife-cuts and implants, turning an ugly witch into a beautiful angel. However, there are as well the before and after plastic surgery disaster photos revealed and spread throughout the net, scaring the patients and individuals who are planning on having a plastic surgery done. Plastic surgery disasters like those of Joan Rivers or Jennifer Grey are most likely one of the worse plastic surgery cases. With lots of plastic surgery done, both celebrities settle at their worst faces after more than 10 times of surgery being done. Name it all, be it cheek implants, face lifting, or even neck lifting, the two stars are probably world's piece of art? Who knows...

If plastic surgery can change the lives of thepeople who are craving for beauty, it can as well be a disaster when too much is done without balance. It is important to always do some research and at the very best, be satisfied with yourselves and always try to be optimistic about being who you actually are.  

Plastic Surgery Before and After What Goes After The Generation

Plastic Surgery Before and After- What Goes AfterThe Generation?
Plastic Surgery marks the drastic changes in one's life. Since when did physical appearance became so important to trade pain,money, and even the lives of the next generations? Although it is undeniably correct to say that appearance plays an important role in one's life, affecting first impressions and personal judgments, plastic surgery before and after can actually be extremely shocking to many individuals. It is indeed a sure great thing to see how people can change from the back of the hands onto the other side. People may become more confident as their looks changed, granting them the self-esteem to stand up and face the world without fear. However, there are as well some opposite outcomes that may have made things turned out worse. Nevertheless, most plastic surgery cases turned out well accordingly fitting tothe desires of the patients.
The Horror: Before and After Marks Extreme Difference
Changing the eyes, the nose, the lips, and even implants done can affect the physical appearance as a whole. It is indeed a great thing for sure, if individuals like the changes but won't it be a little too bad for the next generations? Well, it sure is true that the future is the unknown and that the present matters most. However, plastic surgery can make the moms pretty, the daddies handsome, but if kids are not as cute as they should be, is it just God's punishment or is it the parent's fault? Plastic surgery before and after photos have revealed that around 70% of the parents who undergo the changes from plastic surgery can never hide their original looks once their children are born. How does it feel when a family has good-looking parents but ugly children?
Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, for instance, had butt and breast implants, nose job, and even her teeth done. If she has a child, will her child inherit the big bum? Heck no. Children inherit the original genes from their parents, not including the changes plastic surgeries have granted their parents. Plastic surgery before and after may show positive results or negative results depending on cases. Nevertheless, it is always better to think thoroughly over and over again before deciding on which parts to do and the reasons to back it up.

Once plastic surgery is done upon the parts desired, individuals can never change it back. There are nose job edits and fixes but the fixed nose would never come back to its original shape. 'Plastic surgery before and after is probably one of the highest-ranked keywords searched or looked up by teenage girls or females. Most of the time, the positive results are being shown, not the awful ones. However, it is crucial to know that there is no 100% guarantee when surgery is done. Therefore, individuals will have to bet their hearts 50% and their body for another 50% as an acceptance of the plastic surgery and its processes beforehand. 

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Plastic Surgery Before and After Brings Tremendous Shocks

Plastic Surgery Before and After Brings TremendousShocks
Plastic surgery is known as a surgical process, an operation which involves the real knife-cuts, the painful stitches, and the use of injections to either repair, redo, reform, add, or change a specific part of the body for beauty enhancement and improved health. In reality, there are numerous types of surgery and operations performed to improve the efficiency in body usage in physical terms. However, such surgeries performed are not known to create such magical drastic changes or aid in beauty enhancement. As beauty and cosmetology comes together like a how a toothpaste comes along with its toothbrush in a package, cosmetic is believed to have the greatest impact and influence upon people and their daily lives. Cosmetology and beauty together marks the desire for being in the state of 'perfection' which then led to the booming introduction of 'Cosmetic Plastic Surgery' we refer shortly as 'plastic surgery'. People did not seem to agree and support the operation as much as it would in the early states; with an addition of before and after plastic surgery photos revealed, the popularity drops down to a negative value. However, the world and its modern society has changed completely into a new industry, a place where beauty, technology, inventions, and creations have created a great desire and crave for 'ideal perfection'. Fashion trends, culture, and traditions hold on greatly to the media influences, washing the minds of thepeople. With 'plastic surgery before and after' being the threat for those wanting to have the operation done, the photos are no longer of use to keep the beauty-wannabes aware of the drastic physical changes.
As people becomes completely unaware of the environment and the harmful influences plastic surgery can have upon them, more and more encouragement upon the surgical process tends to increase gradually. Although there are numerous cases where plastic surgery turned out well and grant the patients their precious desires, plastic surgery before and after photos are the major proofs to the surgery's threatening danger. Teenagers and young adults tend to follow the media presses and trends which leads to the misinterpretation of beauty, only linking to solely the perfect figures, proportioned facial features, and looks. It is true that people should take care of themselves for hygiene and health. Nevertheless, the wrong interpretation of beauty may lead to feelings of insecurity and self-dissatisfaction which then pushes them to undergo the knife-cutting processes. Without the essential awareness upon plastic surgery and its harms, patients may become more upset and disappointed with their looks after the operation, leading to stress and other mental disabilities. However, even if the results came out well, there is mostly likely other physical aftershocks such as nausea, illness, dizziness, and headaches that may disturb and greatly affect one's health long-term.

It is best to be fully satisfied with oneself, learn how to become a cheerful being without being anxious solely upon the appearance and the physical looks. Be happy and satisfied with being who you are and that will absolutely make a normal day special. 

Plastic Surgery Before and After An Earthquaks is Aftershock

Plastic Surgery Before and After: An Earthquake'sAftershock
An earthquake is known as one of the most disastrous natural disasters that killed millions of lives. It is indeed a horrifying natural disaster that once the quakes happen, there are always 'aftershocks' which are generally like ripples of little earthquakes following after the big quake itself. Linking the topic regarding plastic surgery, it is often seen that around more than 60% of the patients who underwent plastic surgery would do bit by bit and a little more surgery to finally get hold of the 'perfect' beauty. Similar to that of an earthquake's aftershock, plastic surgery drags the patients into the surgical world, guiding them towards more innovation and technology in order to persuade the reforms and changes for what is believed to be the 'better'. However, aftershocks may as well be a strong destroyer. Once plastic surgery is done once, the second, third, or more surgical processes may result in the un-expected results. It is always best to first consult a professional and for even better suggestions, it is safer to meet the surgeonbeforehand.
The Amazing Before and After Transformation
As the plastic surgery before and after photos are continuously spread throughout the cyber net, people are more attracted to the trends and the 'beauty' they see. As the media is selected as one of the greatest impacts upon how people view one another, plastic surgery marked numerous amazing transformations and the impossible-made-possible drastic changes. There are a plenty of celebrities and famous stars who underwent the magical procedures, paid tons of US dollars, and endured the long pain for the beauty exchange. Celebrities like Kris Jenner, who had her face lift done and amazingly got a few years younger, and Scarlett Johanson who had her nose refined, are the examples of stars who seem to look better and have their beauty enhanced.
The Worst Before and after Transformation

Despite the successful plastic surgery cases, there are as well the worst plastic surgery done upon celebrities. Reasons may include too many injections or fixes, countless stitches, accidents, or the just-so-wrong decisions by the patients themselves. Stars like Nicki Minaj had her breasts enlarged, her bum size increased, her teeth done, and even a nose job to fit that of a female rapper's. It is agreeable what Nicki said as being someone who likes and appreciates the idea of being unique and a 'weirdo'. However, it isn't 100% acceptable to hear that only the optimistic changes were made on Nicki. The overly huge bum, the juicy breasts that go beyond the D cup, and the small waist did gave her a hard time. Yes, being sexy is the answer toattractiveness and attention-grabbing for people working in the showbiz. But isn't Nicki looking a little weird after all the crazy transformation? Her before and after photos revealed that Nicki is confirmed to have had plastic surgery done. Nevertheless, the old photos give off the vibe of an ordinary girl. The knife-cut and the implanted substances in Nicki's body though, marks the bold characteristics Nicki Minaj has in being the one and only Nicki Minaj.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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The Drastic Effects of Plastic Surgery Before and After

To have the most 'flattering' looks, the perfect glimpse of beauty beyond nature's phenomenon, people trade pain, patience, endurance, and money. As beauty not only triggers the level of self-satisfaction and confidence, beauty marks the beginning of a wonderful first impression whenever physical interaction is needed. Beauty marks its way to more than 80% success in all fields. As appearance is purely what one sees of another; although other individual components are yet unknown, people seem to trust and be encouraged to interact more with good-looking individuals.
It is though, such a painful truth to know that individual characteristics and genetic factors mark the unique features each individual owns which may or may not look appealing to the individualsthemselves. It is almost impossible to make the heart and the mind believe the fact in which everyone is 'beautiful' in their own way. As the media not only portrays the 'ideal' characteristics of a beauty, the showbiz and the celebrities undergo pain and endurance to become a fairytale's Snow White or even Prince Charming.
Plastic Surgery Before and After Trends The Net
In the late years, people have been widely encouraged by the media passively to undergo plastic surgery for their own good. The rapid increase in the rates of people going for plastic surgery showed how people started to shift from the natural side to the plastic side. As the term 'beauty' refers to the balance of facial features or even maintaining body shapes, people trade money, pain, and endurance to become beautiful. The common surgeries include: the nose, the eyes, the lips, the breasts, and the bums. As individuals are mostly not satisfied with themselves physically, plastic surgery becomes a number one trend.

On the other dark side, most people are still not accepting the trend of plastic surgery. Although people undergo the cuts to have the ideal beauty, people know it isn't natural. Most Hollywood stars and celebrities go for the drastic facial plastic surgeries to look like a Barbie doll or even turn into a well-known cartoon character. Plastic surgery may result in positive or negative effects, turning a person into a real-lifeBarbie or a horrifying monster. Depending on which parts plastic surgery needs to be done, people will have different operations done. The plastic surgery before and after photos of a plenty of stars have shocked the people and the media as well. However, it is always best to have self-esteem and make careful choices relying on a mixture of facts, information, and desires. 

TechGeek Modern Mommies for Online Pregnancy Test

TechGeek: Modern Mommies for Online Pregnancy Test
Technology brings people into a brand new world of drastic changes, the huge impacts on culture and lifestyles. Although it is true that technology might have brought numerous negative changes to the way people process their thoughts,  technology brings about magical creations and opens the door of golden opportunity for the people of the world to experience comfort along with modernization.
Technology brings about the invention of computers and smart phones which are very helpful for information gathering. The internet is referred to as the worldwide data collection where all information can be gathered online within a few clicks and taps. Online-based processes are very essential for delicate matters as online answers and solutions will help bring about the enlightenment.
As the internet provides information of all topics, sensitive matters will find positive and helpful solutions in the net. If you are wondering whether or not you are pregnant, an online pregnancy test will sure do the help. Tests come in a broad selection of forms ranging from surveys and quizzes to a multiple of forms to fill in. However, the most convenient method would be the online quiz or survey. As questions will be asked within a specific quiz or survey often in multiple-choice forms rather than typing forms, selecting the best answer to the question will benefit most in knowing whether or not you are pregnant. Sometimes tests provide statements where the users will have to select 'yes', 'no', or 'slightly'. Although the results of the test is based upon the standard symptoms and the scientific analysis, individuals can hold on to the probable answers the online test gives and visit a health consult right after.

Often it is found that immediate shock can happen when one learns about a vast, drastic change or an event. Heading right straight to the hospital or medical check-up center may possibly provide immediate, shocking information to women. Rather than the latter, online tests will provide information from all sources to assure women and get them ready beforehand. As the mental abilities should never be greatly affected when the period of pregnancy arrives, it is always safe to keep things calm and surf the net for more information. As technology not only serves as an excellent manual, it comes in handy whenever information is needed with just a network connectionand a browser

Rhinoplasty Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rhinoplasty: Nose Plastic Surgery Before and After
Often referred simply as "Nose job" or "Nose Plastic Surgery", Rhinoplasty is considerred as one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery done throughout the world. As the nose itself has the highest ability to shape the face, balances the facial features, and act as a bridge separating the two lovely eyes, it is indeed an important organ that everyone needs to mark perfection upon. As Rhinoplasty is often done through the process of correction and reconnection of the nose and its original form or shape. Nose plastic surgery invests in the restoration of the functions and as well the capability to aesthetically enhance the nose by resolving numerous worse cases like continuous nasal trauma and a failed primary Rhinoplasty. There are countless of nose jobs done annually at each surgical center as people often  put the desire of having a nose plastic surgery itself onto the highest spot within the 'To-Do' list.
As Rhinoplasty or a nose job can give patients a completely new set of looks and appearances that appear to have planted or granted a new life; the drastic changes may as well have played some trick upon them. There are of course, always two sides in a matter of subject and therefore it is important and indeed crucial to weigh between the pros and consbeforehand.
The Pros
As plastic surgery is known to bring individuals the essential self-confidence; a nose plastic surgery is one of the main wish granters. Nose plastic surgery before and after photos have been revealed online by surgical centers, displaying numerous original noses in having better proportions and shapes in the results. There is balance within the new nose which develops greater self-esteem and as well physically benefit the patients with enhanced aesthetics.
The Cons
A nose job features countless stitches and cuts as the replacement or adding of other substances take place to reform or re-shape the nose. There are several cases where patients can feel squealing pains and aches from time to time. As the operation involves the use of natural cartilage or bone, the parts may manipulate to a certain point where distortion and shape changes may occur, leading to the need of secondary surgical processes that follow.
Before and After Noses

Before and after photos of nose plastic surgery have been revealed online by surgical centers to display their professional work. Most photos revealed balanced, well-proportioned noses in the results to convey and persuade individuals to have nose jobs with them. However, depending on the cases, some surgery may not have the drastic changes seen while some others appear to look completely different. Some surgeons may not want to change or completely reform the nose while other surgeons did, according to their patients and their preferences/orders. Although plastic surgery enhances confidence, it is always better to keep things original just the way they are. With nose plastic surgery, people can enhance their beauty on top of balance, but who knows what happens when pain actually drives in? Is it worth the change?  

The Teeth Needs a Tooth Fairy For Rescue Nicki Minaj Added to the Fake Teeth Hall of Fame

"The Teeth Needs a Tooth Fairy For Rescue" 'Nicki Minaj'- Added to the Fake Teeth Hall of Fame
It takes a short glance just to notice a beautiful smile, a healthy white formation of the teeth. However, people are born with numerous individual components making up the unique self upon genetic factors and sometimes worse, have had accidents involving the face. Fake teeth have become the trends among stars and celebrities to have the perfect, attractive smiles on their faces ready for the 360 degree captures and the snapshots. One of the hip hop artists of the international media industry, Nicki Minaj, is known to be added to the 'Fake Teeth Hall of Fame' along with many celebrities as news and past photos have revealed of the changes. Although Nicky Minaj is the hip hop queen with the undeniably hot figures and curves, people know it's all plastic and silicone. Apart from the over-sized bum and breasts she has got, Nicki is also revealed to have had her teeth done.
Is Fake Teeth Considered Plastic Surgery?
As the media found Nicki's past videos and images, marking the drastic changes in physical appearance becomes easy. Her past photos have revealed that not only her breasts and her bum is unnatural, but so does her teeth. It is crucial for celebrities to have the perfect smiles ready for unexpected events and happenings around them. Nicki isn't one of those having perfect, aligned teeth. Why is fake teeth then a problem? Yes, people without plastic surgery seems to appear better in the eyes of the public but Nicky is just different. Not only it is to promote and present her unique self to the audience but she prefers having a nice smile rather than hiding them.
Of course, nobody is perfect. Nicki Minaj isn't a Pink fairy in her early years before becoming a celebrity; everyone can always change for the better or worse. Nicki Minaj is known to have had veneers. A veneer is often described as a thin layer which covers the tooth in order to provide protection and improve the aesthetics. Nicki has decided to have fake teeth, believing it's better and healthier not only for herself, but also for the others to see her bright, whitening smile.
Why is the Teeth Important?
For celebrities, the image and appearance is veryimportant. As appearance not only marks their selling point, it greatly affects how people view them. No matter what it takes, people strive to have the definite beauty in marking their self confidences.

Nicki Minaj Veneers Aiming for Perfection

Nicki Minaj Veneers- Aiming for Perfection
It isn't odd for anyone to have their personal wishes and desires for themselves. Although people may have a desire to live, to play, to work, or perhaps a desire to make a big change, there is always a big limitation or at least a trade going on in between. The biggest desires people have nowadays will never run away from wanting to look 'perfect'. In the early years, people have had lower interests upon plastic surgery to change themselves physically. However, in the recent late years, technology and media continues to mark trends and compares the term 'beauty' to 'perfection', which then persuades individuals to crave for more. More specifically on artists and famous stars, beauty is the problematic fuss which brings about heaps of rumors and pessimistic gossips. Nicki Minaj is most likely a great bet as the world's top female rapper; her extreme curves and envious figures grabbed the attentions of the neitizens. As the before and after pictures of Nicki wererevealed, it is obvious she had plastic surgery done- her breasts and bum of course. Apart from the body, she had facial surgeries as netizens and the media pointed out her white, perfect teeth. As a celebrity herself, a white, perfect smile is indeed crucial; like women without their make-ups, a star needs to have the 'ideal' looks.
Nicki Minaj and Her Magic Teeth
A veneer is a porcelain-made object which looks like a tooth and is inserted or placed in front of the tooth itself to cover up the original tooth. Applied on bridge gaps and teeth rows, the original will be reformed and replaced with the lab-measured veneers. A veneer isn't like that of the braces as they are almost transparent and natural.

The most important point though, isn't whether or not her teeth is done, but the effects would be the interesting part. Nicki chose to have her body, face, and teeth done with the reasons linked to the media and the entertainment industry. The main effects of the surgery would be the drastic physical changes which then further leads to mental disruption including: negative feedbacks, painful comments, hates, and dislikes. Although Nicki is a powerful, strong-hearted woman, she is still a human being and perfection isn't the right word for her. As one of her quotes stated about her inner feelings, Nicki might have never thought about how bad things could get when a star rises to the top.   

Nicki Minaj The Original Teeth Before Fame

Fame is a word describing the popularity, or the sudden recognition of a person. Whether it is in a business field or the showbiz, fame is known as the serious cause of problematic happenings and psychological disabilities which can greatly impact a person's life. As fame not only grants the recognition of a person to the people of the world, fame adds high amount of money into the brand wallet and takes a person up higher inthe society. Although these effects are plainly a world-class satisfaction everybody yearns for, they are probably the worst causes of drug addiction, individualism, and so much more which can sometimes go overboard.
Before fame is granted to a person, he or she needs to do something in order to gain the attention of the others as a whole. Whether it is to be a famous news anchor or a high-pitched singer, it is crucial to own special abilities that will isolate them from the common group of people. As opportunity comes in hand, taking it seriously will gradually bring a person up the golden stairs to success. However, the road isn't as nice as it would forever be. Although the road is a way up to the magic castle, there are roses and thorns in between.
Nicki Minaj and The Never Ending Rumors
Who would not know or perhaps hear of the world's sexiest female rapper Nicki Minaj? Well, like all the other girls, she has always wished for fame. As fame now brings her up to the mountain top, money is no longer the problem. Nevertheless, being a star means privacy equals to an amount of zero. To look astonishingly flattering, she had her teeth done and veneers inserted. As the media and neitizens found the revealed photos of Nicki Minaj's teeth before fame, rumors come into life as enemies and haters.

Although it is true that Nicki had her teeth done, why would people actually bother? Yes, a star needs to look good at all times, but it is essential to know that people are born differently with broad types of characteristics. Nicki suffered a plenty of hateful comments and painful responds to her image and appearance after the photos of her past were revealed. Luckily, Nicki is bold and strong enough to handle her emotions, keepeverything fine

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Nicki Minaj is Top Hit Songs Super Bass

Nicki Minaj's Top Hit Songs- Super Bass
If you are not one of the biggest fans of Hip Hop, it would be a little disappointing not knowing the very least about the famous rappers of all times. Although artists like Eminem and Lil Wayne are known for their top collections and song lists that topped the international chats and the Billboard like crazy, who would not know the rapping queen Nicki Minaj? Not only she is well known in the rap industry but also for her extreme curves, the juicy breasts, and the 'omg this is mama's' big, oversized bum. Nicki Minaj is a world's female rapper known for her creative lyrics and attractive beats. She debuted and hit the US's Billboard top charts for her album 'Pink Friday' with several sexy and upbeat rap tracks like "Super Bass". Who wouldn't have heard of the 'Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom boom, badoom, boom bass?' by Nicki's powerful rap and vocals? If not, then you're probably winded back to the early stone age.
Nicki's Booming Bass- The Extreme (Plastic?) Curves
It is a little funny, a hilarious fact to admit how people know of Nicki Minaj without her extreme body figures, especially the breasts and the balloon-like bum. Without these physical figures and the features Nicki has, it is probably undeniably difficult for the media and the people to guarantee her success. As appearance plays a very important role within the media industry and the showbiz, Nicki enhances her appearance through plastic surgery. Duh, surgery! People go insane and crazy about the 'self-insecurity' thing. Buy hey, without all the plastic that helps, will you even be listening to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass? Promise me, you won't even glance at her music video if you are not interested in those booming breasts or the bouncy ass she's got. To add more to the point, it's Nicki's body and yet the people are going crazy protesting about her body being plastic? Woah, step back a little. Although Nicki's a celebrity, she needs no one to invest the thoughts. Nicki topped the charts with her single "Super Bass", rocked the stage with her booming features, why care? Why don't people just enjoy the show?

Super Bass is Nicki's top hit single, a song that brings her life into a gold mine in no time. As critics commented that the track itself is memorable and has a addictive hook/chorus to its rhythm and melody, the song peaked to a number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. Super Bass is co-writted by Nicki Minaj and a few other composers; with her creativity beyond imagination, she wrote colorful lyrics and added in creative content to mark the fantasies little by little just by listening to the song and the upbeat beat. The song received high ratings, positive comments, and the overall likes as the music video is an eye candy to many of the audiences. Though, Nicki Minaj's physical features always attract and gain most interest wherever she appears. 

Nicki Minaj Quotes The Powerful Thoughts The Media and Tough Times

Nicki Minaj Quotes The Powerful Thoughts- The Media and Tough Times
Life isn't a pretty road or a highway scattered with rose petals nor golden sprinkles. Unlike the magical fairytales where the princess meets the prince and the cruel witch dies in the very end, life is overwhelmingly a unpredictable lane. Going across the lines can lead to a completely new journey to the unknown but nothing will be a simple jump-start.
As the media and entertainment world is known as anindustry where tough, continuous competition occurs every millisecond, celebrities and hot starts tend to undergo extreme stress, mental disabilities, and high level of pressure. Becoming the people of the community, the social role models will not only higher the level of expectation from others but as well rips a person's private life in trade for fame and the worldly recognition. As one of the hottest female rappers of the entertainment world, Nicki Minaj revealed her past dream and the tough times she faced before entering the media. She said " WhenI was younger I didn't have much financially, like we couldn't afford a lot of stuff and I remember seeing little girls' rooms on TV and they'd all be pink. I didn't have my own room, I shared with my brother, so I would have this daydream and imagine that one day I could have my own room and it would all be pink, like Cinderella's" expressing her dreams since childhood. Knowing that not all families can afford the desires, Nicki as a child have always planted her longing dream in her powerful heart.
Going All The Way Through
As the media is probably described to as the 'hardest' place to survive in, Nicki Minaj expresses her thoughts upon the early experiences and years working in the entertainment industry. "Female rappers get it the hardest. You have to be a girl, yet you have to be just as hard as the guys. I think some female rappers get scared out of the business before they can make it" roughly clarifies the idea upon the difficulties celebrities faced before success and real fame. Not only Nicki gives rough explanation of how her career actually is, she quotes that nothing is easy to grab onto unless there is enough effort.
She also quotes about herself being called a 'weirdo': "I've always beenintrigued by color and by interesting hair. I was one of those weird little girls doing my own hair at the age of 9. I was, like, getting weird gels and new brushes and cornrow holders. I would tweak and perm at the age of 13". Not only her quotes inspire the others, sayings give clues to the rise of the current Nicki Minaj, overwhelming with confidence and beauty from within.

Nicki Minaj Quotes- The Hip Hop Queen Raps Out Her Thoughts

Nicki Minaj Quotes- The Hip Hop Queen Raps Out Her Thoughts
You might have heard of the popular beat that goes "Boom, badoom, boom
Boom, badoom, boom bass" and it goes round and round playing in your head. It can't be anybody else but Nicki Minaj, the loving-hot pink rapper of the showbiz. Rocking her extraordinary body and curves as she pokes fun with the crazy audiences, Nicki controls the international stages all by herself. Not only does the female rapper is good for her curves, the juicy breasts, and the over-exaggerated bum size she's got, Nicki raps out her thoughts and quotes quite a great amount of inspirational sayings.
Why Nicki is a Teen's Idol- Inspirational Quotes
When a person actually quotes or gives an inspirational saying, it lights up the hearts of the people around them. Nicki Minaj is indeed a sexy female rapper of the international hip hop industry and yet she gives her best in all she does. As there are quite a plenty of anti-fans and haters, Nicki quotes "When you're a girl, you have to be everything, You have to be dope at what you do, but you have to be super sweet, and you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that and you have to be nice, and you have to - it's like, I can't be all of those things at once. I'm a human being", which turned out to be very inspiring for many teens and even adults all over the world. Her emotions were expressed powerfully in her careful sentences and the use of diction that marks a picture or an image of the situation she is talking about.

Although the famous female rapper is known to have had numerous plastic surgeries planted on her breasts and oversized bum, Nicki Minaj is probably the only one who knows well herself. "You have to know that as long as you love who you are - your morals, your values, that type of stuff - you're OK" is quoted as she believes in what she does and who she really is, without minding all the hates. Her quotes then confirms the inner beauty she has, planted deep in her heart. Like what a dope female rapper would do, Nicki continues to rock the stage and be the 'Nicki Minaj' everyone knows of as a sexy diva of all time.

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Nicki Minaj Buttocks A Sneek Peek in Nicki is Butt

NickiMinaj Buttocks: A Sneek Peek in Nicki's Butt?
When beauty is called upon, the imagination of a pretty face, a well proportional figure, twinkly eyes, tall nose bridge, and healthy curves fly over the empty mind without any directed thoughts or pin-pointing fingers telling one to think like so. As beauty becomes one's main concern in living a better life with countless interactions and communications needed each day, individuals need the beauty enhancement tips, techniques, and methods to appeal and mark unique attractiveness towards other beings. As the term 'beauty' itself may have numerous definitions among groups of people, there is no definite meaning to its letters and stylish pronunciation.
Beauty comes along with healthy figures, a well proportional body lines and curves that attracts men in like the earth's magnetic field. Without the sun, the world would collapse into dust, working similarly as to how people would die without the connection to beauty. Having a beautiful buttock or simply referred to as a 'butt' or a 'bum' would indeed make guys go 'slurp'. Nevertheless, people need a huge blame on their parents for not granting the big, healthy pair of enormous buns for their birthday presents. Similarly to how genetic factors vary from one individual to another, nothing seems to take the blame or either be responsible for the small, flapped buttocks skinny beings own. Walking blandly wouldn't shake off the sexy look everyone gets jealous for, wouldn't they?  
Nicki Minaj's Silicone Buttocks: Better To or Better Not?

Well, a lot might have heard of the famous rapper known as Nicki Minaj as her stage name. With her latest hit song 'Anaconda' from the latest best-selling album named 'The Pink Print', she topped the Billboard within the Top 10 best songs and rocked the international stages with her sexy, damp wet jungle-styled forest themed performances. Her music video featured mostly her 'buttocks' which are of course, overly-big and are oversized compared to Mariah Carey's natural mama butt. However, Nicki's latest performance at Fashion Rocks 2014 didreveal some of the world's most bizarre photos of the performance, where Nicki's odd bum was shown as she sat on the chair doing her thigh-lifting work-out like dance. Netizens and the media have pointed out her weird shaped butt which looks exactly like a pair of hot-air balloons pressed hardly by Nicki's thighs as she performed on stage. A lot have been commenting on the weird revealed photos of the performance that Nicki probably had her butt done. Butt implants may be going a little over-board ain't it? Plastic surgery seems to be alright for individuals wanting to change or improve their facial appearances a little. However, why is Nicki wanting that bizarre, Chinese-bun like balloon buttock? Unless she wants to look like a hippo and have an Ostrich's bum, nothing could stop her from all the silicone-related procedures and cosmetic surgical operations that would only mind-wash the fools. Although it is difficult to agree the likes upon Nicki's sexy and juicy curves she owns, butt implants like hers could definitely ruin the entire performance, showing off the balloon 'flaps' and 'squashes'. 

Nicki Minaj Body Before and After The Gigantic Modifications

Nicki Minaj Body Before and After: The GiganticModifications
The People-Beauty Linkage
Being able to enhance and modify the appearance of oneself indeed marks the development and positive vibes when interaction and communication is in its way. There are of course, mainly different methods and items that will aid in the beauty enhancement, attracting as well as appealing the others with both opposite and same sex. As people are born to seek for the answers and solutions to the problems they make each every millisecond, people are as well wise scientists introducing broad selections and various methods, including the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery we know of today. As cosmetics like make-ups, serums, and slimming gels work short-time for most people, plastic surgery gets more attention from the world's population for its speedy, effective, and amazing results. Surgical processes do the work and change a person's appearance, one's unique identity obtained from birth. Although individuals may not appreciate for like their original appearances for whatever reasons they have, isn't it too much to go for a plastic surgery just because there is a feeling of insecurity, the feeling of 'hey, this isn't right' and just go ahead pay for the pricey costs and get injected with dermal fillers? Well, people have different thoughts upon the sensitive topics regarding the operation of cosmetic plastic surgery.
From the early beginnings of time, people and beauty are linked and are greatly connected by the heart and soul. It is believed that no matter what it takes, a person can undergo pain, trade the costly dollars, or even cry rivers of tears from the process just to appear more 'appealing' and 'flattering' for the sake of themselves and have higher levels of self-esteem, an important factor to live an optimistic life. However, it is always healthy to balance the connection between people and beauty. It is crucial for people to control and paint their own descriptions of 'beauty' and never let the craze for 'beauty' destroy them.
The Before and After Body Changes

When it comes to plastic surgery, netizens now refer to Nicki Minaj, the queen of the Hip Hop industry, topping the Billboard with her latest single 'Anaconda'. Nicki Minaj had her butt implants and breasts boosted with plastic and chemical injections we all know what. Plastic surgery may have turned Nicki Minaj into a sex symbol of the Hip Hop den, the international entertainment industry where everyone cheers her on the enormous stage. With her bold characteristics and styles, Nicki is the sexy monster of the industry. However, as the netizens found out about her past body before and after photos shared throughout the net, a lot have been hating on her and especially her figures which are all 'fake' and 'plastic'. Nonetheless, people should know and not put blame on her for undergoing the knife-cuts and operation as she would never become a Nicki we know off today without all those hot, juicy curves, the big butt, and the size D-cup breasts. 

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Nicki Minaj Before She Was Famous and After

Nicki Minaj- Before She Was Famous and After
"She is the goddess of the color 'hotpink", "She had plastic surgery and even implants on her bum, ew". As celebrities not only leave their privacy behind the carnival's curtain, their actions, manners, and even the quotes they say will gain the attention of people. As the media works as the medium of interaction and communication between stars and commoners, they as well need to recruit in quality individuals to make profit and continue the career from generations to the other. One of the most famous female rappers of the world who never left the spot or rankings in the international charts is Nicki Minaj.
As one of the kids with a definite dream to be herself and own her very princess-pink bedroom, Nicki knows well that life isn't going as easy as it would. As her financial state during the early years were not positive either, she tried her best to show what she has got and entered the media as Nicki Minaj. Nicki is famous for her juicy bum and a pair of boom breasts. However, netizens and the media have found the 'before famous and after' photos and so people pointed out the parts they think Nicki has hadplastic surgery.
The Horror of Before and After Revelations of Photos and Images
As technology becomes a simpler device that helps keep things on time and on track, people often find the devices useful and convenient wherever they go to. Nicki Minaj's before famous photos were revealed, granting the great amount of attention from the audiences.
Past photos can be horrifying especially if it is  revealed from once when you are very little, or perhaps still haven't had the changes. Once Nicki has entered the media and the entertainment industry, she needs to go through tough changes and adaptations to numerous circumstances and situations.
Nicki Minaj- Better off Before and After

There is no right or wrong answer to the question people. As people decide to make their own choices upon the preferences andfavorites, they can choose to stay the same or transform into a doll. Whether it is or not that you like or dislike the idea of plastic surgery, people can have psychologically higher confidence levels which will then lead to better image and appearance in the future

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery
People can sometimes be nostalgic as they take the time-machine back to the old times where things are still the way they were, the way they used to be. Awful regrets often lead to the thoughts of a nostalgic past, a piece of memory, and a time of happiness to heal the wounds and keep hearts warmed just a little. As the main concerns involve the regrets upon the drastic changes in appearance, people are often anxious upon the effects of plastic surgery. Although many plastic surgical processes did bring the joy and the success to many individuals, bringing them nearer to beauty is not the only point to think about. However, there are countless worse plastic surgery cases that result in numerous upsetting outcomes and lead to further disappointments ruining one's life. As plastic surgery seems to affect one's life tremendously, one can either have beauty enhanced or destroyed within a few stitches, injections, and knife-cuts.
The Original, Before Plastic Surgery Brings Insecurity
People have their own unique figures and all the things needed to differentiate oneself from another being. However, people can become insecure when it comes to appearances and looks as influenced greatly by the media pressures and trends. As young adults and teens often look at their favorite stars and celebrities, the desire to look similar to the preferred stars arise and psychologically encouraged them to go under the painful, costly knives. It is a must for individuals to learn to accept themselves the way they are, learn to look original and be who they are without needing any comparisons. Nevertheless, people are still continuing to take the media influences as their samples for beauty and fashion trends. Although there are numerous things to learn from the media, one should at the very least be happy of who they are, how the look like, and learn to accept the reality by changing it into something beautiful. It is indeed difficult at first trial to accept and be satisfied with looks others would refer to as 'ugly' or 'dull'. However, if optimism is planted within the hearts, appearance satisfaction will no longer be difficult.
Nicki Minaj Losses Control

Who would have not know the best female rapper who topped the Billboard consecutively with her catchy songs like 'Super Bass' and 'Anaconda'? Yes, she's Nicki Minaj, the queen of the hip hop den we all know of. With her curvy curves, the over cup-D sized breasts, and plastic butt, people call her the real life 'Black-Barbie doll'. There are numerous photos revealed of her pre-debut times and past. A lot have commented that her past photos are more 'flattering' and 'attractive' compared to the present photos. The natural bum and breasts looked great enough for her to declare herself as a rapper, why go so far with plastic surgery? It is a little hard to get control of oneself when the standard of beauty goes up within a society. However, who said a 'beauty' needs to inherit a big mama-sized bum or a big-bunny breast? Duh, no one said so. This greatly shows how Nicki Minaj losses control of her old self and got herself messed up in the entertainment industry.    

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Does Before and After Surgery Matters For Nicki Minaj It is a No No

Does Before and After Surgery Matters? For Nicki Minaj, It's a No-No.
As pictures of celebrities and hot Hollywood stars surf the net, revealed photos of before and after surgery receive huge 'wows', swarm-full of feedbacks, and at the same instance dozens of 'hate'. Well, as plastic surgery can both be positive and negative to people in broadening ways, individuals make the definite choice to see and experience the changes or stay still as they are. The media reporters, the paparazzi, and the entertainment gossip gangs love the real-life dramas, collecting past photos of pop stars and famous celebs which clearly pointed out their busy-body hobbies.
Although plastic surgery is a magical miracle to the people of the world, the rapid, drastic changes of appearance can be insulting and a pain in the butt. Everything seems fine and alright if the photos are not revealed but as soon as they are, 'boom!' the world ends right there. Yes, why can others have plastic surgery and Nicki Minaj can't? People will reply afterwards, "You're a star, you're not a commoner. Perfection is the word".
If you were in Nicki's shoes, you would feel the pain and sympathize quickly if you are one of those plastic-surgery addict. Why is becoming pretty suddenly a sin? Why does the media care about the past looks celebrities have? Does before and after really matter? To Nicki, it is not the past nor the present the first priority in living a comfortable life, but the appearance being 'seductive' and 'attractive' lasting forever in eternity. Don't ever say "As long as your heart is beautiful..." let's assume the saying only works for a 0.01% of the world's population. Appearance plays an important role in conveying emotions and the displaying of affection towards others. Why is it then a sin committed if a woman wants her nose done? Why is it suddenly wrong when desiring for a 'larger' bum or a pair of 'juicy' breasts even worse than committing suicide? Nicki Minaj probably questions herself day by day as negative comments and feedbacks on social networks crashed in once her before and after surgery photos poured the online community.
Nicki Minaj knows well her selling point. Celebrities and stars are commoners too; unlike the others, working in the showbiz needs some sell-point similarly to businesses needing marketing methods and advertisement. Her career shapes and influences the characteristics which marks the drastic appearance changes, the makeover only which Nicki Minaj has. Without the curves, the boom breasts, and the chic bum, Nicki Minaj is probably an ordinary chic working her life off the line. 

Is Fame a Dangerous Drug on Stars Nicki Minaj The Victim

Is Fame a Dangerous Drug on Stars? Nicki Minaj- TheVictim
Fame seems to be a familiar word with nothing special in it. Unlike the fancy words that are overly difficult to pronounce and spell, 'fame' is more than just an ordinary word beyond the pupils. 'Fame' refers to a status of an individual, a widespread reputation which can simply refer to as being 'popular' and 'well-known'. Surprisingly, fame is a striking lightning, a one-time 'overnight' experience and a boomerang which marks the most changes in life. Born as ordinary beings, fame is never the word that bring about the changes to lifestyles, habits, nor the unique characters people have. Like a striking lightning bolt, fame changes an individual's life forever- it can be good or bad, but as fame is often the gods of the evil, celebrity life often turns out to be something far more mysterious.
People are seeking for fame. Why is fame so important? Why are people desiring for the recognition? Power is the definite answer to the overwhelming questions. Hollywood stars before and after photos revealed how fame has the highest ability to influence and affect ways people process their thoughts of changing themselves, running after fame.
People should be hearing about the top billboard song list including Nicki Minaj's top hit track, 'Super Bass'. Indeed, super bass is a perfect example of the impact of fame upon lives of stars. Nicki Minaj too, is one of the victims of fame. Seeking for fame is often referred to as 'reaching the dreams' in the blinded eyes of numbers of individuals in the society. Media displays and creates wide variety of trends which mentally affects the audience in terms of having 'perfect' appearances for 'attractiveness' and 'beauty'. Nicki's hot track release 'Super Bass' is an over-night fame. Quick as a lightning bold, she is a world's famous female rapper, the queen of the hip-hop industry in no time. It is, though, impossible to say her rap and vocal skills are perfect. Everyone knows it isn't her voice nor her rapping skills that marked her fame- but the tipsy-turvy and the curvy S-line.

As one of the people seeking for the dangerous drug, she had a plenty of surgeries in different areas to over exaggerate the huge bum and the breasts. People know it's sexy, they know it's hot and seductive- but isn't it too much just for the seek of attention? Well, plastic surgery has proved Nicki upon the truth behind the media world. Appearance is the only answer, the only consecutive pay to the drugs you need

Long Layered Haircuts Cleopatra Layered Pyramid

Long Layered Haircuts- Cleopatra's Layered Pyramid
As long hair is probably the 'versatile' type of hair for most individuals, styling the hair into a wide variety of styles is possible with a selection of accessories and tools under broad methods. However, long hairstyles coming along with the long burdened lengths may seem a little boring sometime soon or later. Instead of going for the trendy buns, braids, or ponytails, why not go for long layered haircuts?
Long layered haircuts will not only add in the essential layers to the hair but the layers will feature one's individuality and compliment each face type. Layers will decrease in the density of the hair at several areas to mark better proportions and keep the features balanced. Easier to style with both curls and straightening tools, long layered haircuts lose all the unwanted thickness and weight at the end.
Cleopatra is probably the queen of layered hair styling as she has brought the layered hair fashion to its enlightenment. There are many types of layered haircuts which feature the curls, and the straightening methods to both curl and flatten the layers of hair.
A swift change of hairstyle can be a little harsh for some individuals at the very first time. It is best to go first for a trial styling which features the cut layers only in front areas of the hair while leaving the hair in the back thick. Using the curlers will enhance the wavy curls in areas layered to keep the attention on the face. Hiding the round face can be one of the most-desired wishes women have. With the face-framing long layered haircuts, individuals will be able to hide the cheeks and the strong features effectively. Going up shorter, the long layered cuts of both the front, back, and around the face will give the facial features a great highlight. Using a either the flattener or the hair straightening tools will do the good. For people with bangs, leaving them wouldn't be of such a great response or perhaps a good decision just yet. Side bangs will always compliment the face once they are combined with layered hair. Shorter layers in the upper portion of the hair near the areas with the ears and cheekbones will look good in all face types.

Depending on each individual and their personalpreferences, long layered haircuts can highlight and compliment the specific facial features and the hair textures. It is best to always do some research and have a slight check-up to know what you really need and how your hair can be stylized effectively. 

Long Layered Haircuts The Perfect Hair For a Beauty

Long - The Perfect Hair For a Beauty
Often people are satisfied with their fashion styles ranging from the confident make-up, the clothing styles and apparel, and the hairstyles. People often consider the hairstyles according to their personal preferences, the thoughts upon different matters to mix-and-match with their personalities. As hairstyles are probably one of the best ways to express who you are as a person, going for the perfect hair makes its way to the top. Looking for perfect hairstyles? Well, according to American's top magazine, Allure, people with long layered hairstyles are the beauty goddess. As long layered, shaggy, and shoulder-length hairstyles not only compliment and frame the specific types of faces, they enhance the areas around the eyes and brows to mark one's sharp, attractively beautiful features in no time.
Not only long layered haircuts are the perfect cuts, they are as well one of the most popular styles people all around the world crave for. Celebrities and Hollywood stars go for long layered haircuts instead of the long, straight nostalgia. Although one-length hair is also looking good on many people, it can also be very boring when it comes to styling for several events or occasions.
Medium to Shoulder-length: The Best Long LayeredHaircut
Long layered haircuts may range from shorter ones to the long ones. However,  it is highly suggested that the shoulder-length ones would do. Matching the numerous types of facial structures can be a little difficult for common hairstyles but very simple for shoulder-length layered haircuts. These medium length haircuts just right at the shoulders or a little lower will give a face the proper-cut frame, hiding the sharp features or even round, fat chins. Adding to the style itself, bangs can lighten up the face and play a little trick to the beauty surplus. As swept-side bangs and dull, edgeless bangs may look well and matching with long layered haircuts, styling the bangs with a little dab of the mousse for stay will do the appreciation. Hair parts are as well very important and they do affect those with long layered hair. People with squared faces should go for the middle parting while those with long faces should go for the side partings, not to look so long.

The hairstyles indeed will affect one's literal image as a whole. Therefore, it is best to first decide on a style and look for the perfect, layered haircut for yourself

The Flattering Haircut for All The Layered Haircuts

It is often seen that people with the one-length hair may have the skeptical, stunningly beautiful straight or even sometimes curly hair. However,  it isn't always lucky for people to pull off the one-length look. As face shapes and structures differ from one individual to another,  it is always crucial to select the best hairstyle fitting for oneself. The best way to bring life out of the boring mode, lifeless locks and straight folds can turn into fabulous hair with just a few tips and tricks.
Although people prefer to have different hairstyles and cuts, the most flattering haircut that would look gorgeous on everybody would be the layered haircuts. Why the layers? As layers not only frame the facial features and highlight the beauty of the eyes or the cheekbones, they add up the spice in fashion. The selection of layered haircuts may appear to look more appealing than the normal cuts and styles. Individuals may as well adapt the cuts and layers with their favorites and personal preferences to fit the weather, the seasons, and the www.freeclassifiedplace.comcircumstances.
Curly Layered Haircuts
If you like the cute curls and the extreme bounciness, layered haircuts will compliment the face and add volume to the hair itself. Curls will appear to look more shiny and bouncy with layered hair. Natural curly layered haircuts with hair partings at the side will enhance the facial features (side partings for long faces and middle partings for round faces).
Sleek-styled, Bold Layered Haircuts
Short layers will add up the atmosphere, the liveliness and cheerful vibes. As short layers can contribute to cool bobs, having lots of texture hides the unwanted features like the round chins, squared jaws, and so much more. Adding the layers with groovy color highlights will outshine and at the same instance brighten up the haircut. With bangs, they are going to look attractive and proper at the side.
The Perfect Shags
The layered shags are actually the mixture of palette colors and layered cuts of different portions. Adding more textures, layers are cut while the play of colors will add the dimensions and perspectives to the haircut itself.

Whether it is that you like the curls, the straight beauties, the sleeky bold, or the modern shags, layered cuts will always frame the face. Whether you are a round, a rectangular, or a oval shape, these layered haircuts will never disappoint you.